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Blog Week 7 – 5 Tips to Gain Influence

Affirmation: I am confident

Thought for the week: 5 Tips to Gain Influence

self-confidence trance 1. Asking questions

A question always opens up new possibilities.

  1. Be interested

Be interested not interesting. To gain greater power in communication a vital element is to listen and be interested in the other person. This is a way to make the other person feel worthy and helps them open up to you.

  1. Awareness

Be aware and get present with three points of your body. This is a great way to bring you back to yourself.

  1. Lower your barriers

The next time you start getting defensive, stop, breathe and just imagine pushing your barriers down. Barriers separate us from each other, and true presence is not possible with them.

  1. Be neutral

Choose to function from what some would call a neutral or open-minded perspective. A key element of gaining influence is not holding on to any point of view, but to have the freedom of all choices in the moment and the willingness to receive any information.

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