Absolutely fabulous workshop, thank you.  I have wanted to do thatfor a long time.  I really enjoyed it. Great learnings and I am feeling agreat sense of ease and flow.

Niamh Noonan

In the year of our Lord 2019, My life changed forever when I met the lovely Laureen, I retired from the Civil Service in May of that year, And was blessed to replace it with this woman so dear, With Laureen & her lovely assistant, Who are brilliant tutors and always consistent, Their passion for BETTI is a sight to behold, The dedication and eagerness upon us bestowed, Thanks to them I can start my own business in September, The things that they taught me I will always remember, I’m so glad I found BETTI, My life feels complete, So give it a go and I think you’ll agree

Marion Hand

The Bio Energy Therapy course delivered exactly what the prospectus states. The delivery method was very effective with lots of theory followed by demonstrations and practicing the techniques. The learning environment was relaxed and professional with top class support notes. I am delighted that I decided to do the course and overall I found it an amazing learning experience.


All I can say is thank you so much for your knowledge, skills and above all the beautiful way you deliver and helped us all through the last 6 months. I have done a lot of courses etc over the years and this was my most enjoyable yet. I cant wait to get started as a Bio Energy therapist! 


I engaged in bio energy therapy training with Betti from September 2019 – February 2020. I suffer from chronic pain and the training has taught me about important factors in the holistic management of pain. The course was delivered to a high standard by tutors with considerable collective expertise and qualifications. Students’ progress is monitored through continual assessment of both theoretical and practical aspects. Inclusion of guest speakers at intervals greatly enhances student learning. What set Betti apart for me when selecting where to train in bioenergy therapy was that the trainers hold extensive qualifications in the area of holistic practice and beyond. I believe this sets Betti apart and results in a very high standard of theoretical and practical delivery with options to engage in ongoing cpd. I am happy to endorse Betti, confident that prospective students will receive training of the highest standard.

Mary Clair

Having wanted to train as a bio energy therapist for a while, I was delighted to come across BETTI’s diploma course. This is a life changing course. The training provided and skills learned support you and potential clients for a lifetime. Each stage of the course builds very easily on the last. The course content is presented in a very clear and understandable way. The mix and balance of theory and practice is hugely supportive. The personal insights and learnings as you go through each course aspect of energy work are priceless. The trainers have a very experienced and gentle way of showing you how to use and work with energy. I highly recommend this course as either a personal learning journey or to take bio energy further as a practicing therapist.


It’s a great pleasure for me to recommend the course run by Bio Energy Therapy Training Ireland and to acknowledge the great instruction I received from both tutors. I feel I am now equipped to work with clients using the bio-energy techniques and I also have the great notes supplied if I need to refresh myself on any aspect of the healing work. I work part-time as a psychotherapist and I would hope to offer bio-energy as an additional service for clients who feel they may benefit from it.


I decided to become a Bio Energy Therapist because it had helped me when I was going through a tough time in my life. As an accredited counsellor it adds to my counselling sessions and my practice. The course was taught in an easy to follow format and by the end of the course I was confident to progress as a Bio Energy Therapist. I learned how energy works within our bodies, how and why we can become imbalanced. I learned how using intention in a clear and thoughtful way we can create balance in the body. The tutors were very warm, welcoming, friendly, and approachable and at all times professional. They created a very relaxed and comfortable learning environment. I would highly recommend anyone to do this course, whether you want to practice or not.


Tony Robbins once said ‘your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision’. That is certainly true and my life really did change when I committed to the Bio Energy Therapy Training Diploma. My life seemed to be full of negativity and nothing ever seemed to work out for me. Now I’m in the best position I could have only dreamed of. I learnt so much about myself and saw what was holding me back. The greatest part of the course was that I learnt all this about myself but can now go out into the world and help others too! The course was thought in a very easy and simple to follow manner and the tutors encourage the group to work as a support network too. I really can’t say enough good things about this course and the wonderful people who are involved. If you do one great thing with your life… do this course!


I thoroughly enjoyed the bio energy healing course. It was a fantastic awareness of how our body is made up of energy and if this energy becomes imbalanced we becomes ill. The tutors delivered the course in a professional and engaging manner. They taught us through specially developed techniques how to balance the body so allowing it to heal. I found the course was extremely interesting and most beneficial. It has had a hugely positive impact on my life and on the life of my family.

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