Guest Lecturers


Tony Dunne

After successfully completing the Bio Energy Therapy Diploma Course with BETTI we tony picasked Tony to come back and speak about the therapeutic use of Mindfulness. Tony’s passion for Mindfulness was evident throughout the course and we wanted him to spread this passion among our incoming students. Tony is an accredited psychotherapist with IACP. He holds diplomas in Bio-energy, Sports Psychology and Positive Psychology. He is also qualified in the use of Mindfulness

Phil McNally

Phil is qualified as a Master of Feng Shui and Space Clearing and was trained under the world renowned Denise Linn. Phil is an internationally qualified Interior Designer and is currently a lecturer in Interior Design and an accreditor of the Griffith College Interior Design Diploma. Phil has over 30 years of experience in her field and brings this expertise to every lecture and project she works on.

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Bernie Matthews Dunne

13012807_968717683245432_8848918222661841359_nBernie qualified as a Bio Energy Therapist in 2016. Bernie loves creating and using a vision board in her work and personal life. Hence we felt Bernie was the best person to deliver this module – the Vision Board. A Vision Board is empowering and helps you to achieve goals and aspirations in your life.  It is a fun way to give focused direction to your everyday life which will help you to reach your highest potential. Bernie is an accredited psychotherapist with IACP and her particular interest is in counselling teens.

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