Bio Energy Sessions – In person

In a Bio Energy session the client remains fully clothed with the exception of their shoes. The session is part standing and part sitting depending on the stage of the session and the techniques being carried out. Throughout the session, the client may feel some sensations of heat, cold, tingling and swaying. Some may feel more sensations than others.

In Bio Energy the therapist uses a series of hand movements to release blocked energy from the body. This improves any impaired energy flows and clears any blockages from the system which allows the body to balance naturally. Bio Energy views the human body as a naturally self-creating, self-correcting system when given the opportunity to do so.

Pregnant Women can receive sessions. Both mother and the unborn child benefit from the sense of well-being and peace that arises from this work.

Children love it too! Children love to have their session done for shorter periods of time. Many children enjoy and benefit from receiving a bio energy session.

Bio Energy is very gentle and undemanding, offering a pleasant and deeply relaxing experience. A safe, very relaxing space is provided where you can “just be”.

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