Bio Energy Therapy does not contravene any personal beliefs; it is not based on any religion but on the existence of energies within and outside the body which have been proven to exist. Alternative healing therapies are on the increase and their validity has been well established. Bio Energy Therapy is increasingly being recognised and regarded as a genuine alternative solution to well being.


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Having wanted to train as a bio energy therapist for a while, I was delighted to come across BETTI’s diploma course. This is a life changing course. The training provided and skills learned support you and potential clients for a lifetime. Each stage of the course builds very easily on the last. (more…)

This is a life changing course

I decided to become a Bio Energy Therapist because it had helped me when I was going through a tough time in my life.  As an accredited counsellor it adds to my counselling sessions and my practice. (more…)

Warm, friendly and approachable