A Bio Energy session that can be very effective if you are feeling stuck in life, are unwell or simply want some self-care for yourself.

Receiving a Bio Energy session is unique to each individual and involves minimal light touch on specific areas of your body. Bio Energy is about letting go of how it used to be. Energy is released, opening up possibilities for positive and creative change. The emphasis is on changing from within rather than seeking to impose a change from without.

Bio Energy is deeply relaxing and people are often drawn to it in times of difficulty. Career changes, Moving house, Divorce, Bereavement or Illness.

Bio Energy offers a unique approach to handling personal issues, be they physical, mental or emotional. These issues influence how we respond to every-day life. A Bio Energy session provides the environment within, where deeply rooted blockages can be loosened and released.  You let go of old ways of being and the way is clear for new growth and a more fulfilling life.

Bio Energy allows your full life force energy to flow with complete freedom and allows you to flourish in life.

Distance Healing

For healing via Skype, please visit here

Face-to-Face healing

Please contact Laureen at or 086 107 4774 to set up a face to face appointment.