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The Process

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BioLaureen Taylor

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bio Energy Facilitator and Psychotherapist

Laureen is a qualified psychotherapist and Bio Energy Healing practitioner based in Dublin.

She has a successful practice where she works with clients in person as well as virtually, tailoring her sessions to meet your individual needs. Using a variety of psycho-therapeutic, healing tools and techniques in a session to ensure you receive the care you need.

Appointments via Skype are available.

What to expect from a distance healing session

We conduct the distance healing session by phone, Zoom or Skype. This allows us to connect and explore any issue that you would like support with. It’s preferable you have a quite comfortable place to sit or lie down. I then transmit energy to you that supports you to relax into receiving the energy I am sending.

Many clients report feeling different sensations of heat or waves of energy in and around their body, others feel their entire body flooded with soothing, calming energy. This can bring a beautiful sense of feeling safe, supported, nurtured and held by life itself. Often clients may drop into a deep restorative sleep while receiving the energy.

Clients report a shift in their perspective, an ability to view challenging situations in their life from a higher, more expanded perspective.

Distance healing sessions are just as effective as those conducted in person.

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A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment otherwise you will be required to pay the session in full.