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Blog Week 8 – Show up in Life


Just show up and things will happen. – Mother Teresa


Thought for the week – Show Up In Life

The dictionary defines “show up”, as

  1. To be clearly visible
  2. To put in an appearance; arrive
  3. To expose or reveal the true character or nature of

It may be part of your life’s journey to show up in life. However, most of us invest a lot of energy, time and effort being all things to all people and forget the true essence of who we really are. Just know you are always enough, always worthy, always capable.

It may be easier to coast through life on the surface without ever diving into life. If we choose to ignore that there is more to life than the daily rush, and the hoarding of possessions, what happens when we come smack up against suffering? When we get ill, or someone we love leaves or dies, or when we lose our way in life? If we’ve just coasted through life without showing up, we’ll feel disorientated and lost.  Showing up in life helps us deal with our suffering and understand what our challenges are, and how to overcome them.

Often the initial motivation for showing up in life is to gain something. Perhaps gain financial reward, wisdom, enlightenment or personal power. There is no choice, really. We are already on the journey called ‘life’. We are here I feel to realize our full potential, and to become a force for good in the world.

To show up in life

  • Give yourself silent space to reflect, and to become present
  • Take a few moments each day to notice where and how you are
  • Hang out with others who are also willing to show up in life



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