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Blog Week 54 – Simple Technique

Affirmation: I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude. Thought for the week:  Simple Technique Sit quietly and place all of your limitations and emotions into a backpack. Imagine that you are now carrying this backpack filled with those emotions and the events that created them. Feel their weight on your shoulders. In your mind, I want… Continue reading Blog Week 54 – Simple Technique

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Blog Week 51 – Meaning of Kindness

Affirmation: I am kind and loving Thought for the week:  Meaning of Kindness Kindness is the sincere and voluntary use of one's time, talent, and resources to better the lives of others, one's own life, and the world through genuine acts of love, compassion, generosity, and service. Kindness involves choice, so choose wisely. News: Check out… Continue reading Blog Week 51 – Meaning of Kindness

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Blog Week 49 – Kindness

Affirmation:   I am kind and loving. Thought for the week:  Kindness Kindness is contagious. The most obvious benefit of kindness is that you make others feel good. And in making others feel good, you inspire them to want to do something kind for you or for someone else. When you commit a kind act, those around you will take note and your kindness can have a ripple effect. News: Check out for our next… Continue reading Blog Week 49 – Kindness