Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 2 – Imagination

Affirmation: My imagination is the most powerful tool that I possess Thought for the week:  Imagination Your imagination is the ability that you have to form pictures or ideas in your mind. Using your imagination can make your possibilities limitless. Simply put, imagination is the key ingredient to expansion and the advancement of our world. Imagination is magical. Take a… Continue reading Blog Week 2 – Imagination

Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 51 – Happy Christmas

Affirmation:  Throughout the holidays, I am centered, calm and balanced Thought for the week: Happy Christmas We at would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful, happy and peaceful Christmas. News: Our next Bio Energy Workshop is on 9th March, 2019.  Our Diploma course in Bio Energy Therapy starts on 7th… Continue reading Blog Week 51 – Happy Christmas