Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 16 – Bio Energy during Pregnancy

Affirmation: I deeply trust my instincts and my body, and I trust I am capable of safely delivering my baby. I feel blessed, privileged and protected.

Thought for the week:  Bio Energy during Pregnancy


Bio energy is useful for treating not only the pregnant mother but the father as well. The basic principle that bio energy is based upon, is that everything contains energy. Daily expenditure of physical, emotional and mental energy can cause a drop in energy levels. Bio energy sessions allow an individual to be reconnected with the universal energy that flows through everything.

Mothers can experience an ease of their nausea, fatigue and other physical pregnancy symptoms. This practice is safe to use at all stages of pregnancy. Some women even use the treatments as early as immediately after conception to promote a healthy environment for the developing baby. Conception problems have been effectively treated with bio energy sessions.

Bio energy sessions are ideal to stabilize the emotional adjustment for the mother and perhaps even the father after the birth of the child. Mothers report feelings of being able to manage their fatigue and stress better when they are undertaking bio energy sessions.

News:  Check out for details of our next on line workshop An Introduction to Bio Energy

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