Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 48 – Stress and Emotions

Affirmation:  I change my thoughts and master my emotions

Thought for the week: Stress

Identify the part of your body where you usually feel stress. Practice tuning in to this part of the body whenever you are feeling stressed, anxious, worried, or experiencing another difficult emotion and be really curious and notice what these states of mind feel like physically.

Then do the same thing when you are feeling positive emotions, such as excitement, happiness, calm or peacefulness.

Often we are unaware that a particular emotion is influencing and affecting our words and actions. But learning to recognise the feeling ‘tones’ and the constantly shifting patterns of both the positive and negative mind states helps us realize what may be driving our thoughts, words and actions and that they constantly change.    

News:  Check out for details of our next workshop on 27th February 2021 an Introduction to Bio Energy

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