Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 45 – Showering

Affirmation:  Water and soap cleanses all negative energy from my body, mind, and spirit

Thought for the week:  Showering

Woman Washing Her Hair Under The Shower Cartoon Clipart Vector -  FriendlyStock

Most of us spend much of our time thinking of the past or the future, thereby paying no attention to the present moment. When you worry about how you could have done things differently it keeps the body in a state of vigilance and sometimes, anxiety.

When showering next being to focus on the physical sensations of showering….. the water running off your skin…..the temperature of the water…..the soap lathering up between your fingers. There is no right way to shower but paying attention to the act of taking a shower helps keep us present in the moment.

News:  Check out for details of our next workshop on 27th February 2021  “An Introduction to Bio Energy”

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