Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 35 – Self-Sabotage, Self-Development

Affirmation:  Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better

Thought for the week:  Self-Sabotage vs Self-Development

spring notebook


I procrastinate and repeatedly put off things                

I compare myself to other people’s “highlight reel           

I am often critical of myself and what I am capable of    

I do not set boundaries and struggle to say “no”             

  I often break promises I make to myself                        

Good Vibes Only sand text


I organise my time, set goals and try to be proactive

I compare myself to who I was yesterday and who I want to become in the future

I constantly challenge my inner-critic and negative thoughts

I value my needs and set healthy boundaries

I stay mindful and keep myself accountable when I set goals

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