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Blog Week 24 – The Four Agreements: 1. Being impeccable with your word

Over the next 4 weeks we are going to cover Don Miguel Ruiz’s ‘Four Agreements’ which tie in to recent blog topic’s we have covered. The Four Agreements covered in this book are based on insights and wisdom of the Toltec a thousand years ago. However, these concepts are all still relevant in today’s society.

This week we will be covering Agreement One being ‘impeccable with your word’. He warns that this agreement is the most important but also the most difficult to achieve.

This topic ties in to last week’s post about affirmations and the power of your word. Ruiz confirms that ‘it is through the word that you manifest everything’. Don explains that words are powerful. They have the ability to change lives. They have the ability to enslave you. In short; words have impact. Therefore we should only use words with truth and love. With each person you speak with, including yourself, you have the ability to raise them up or damage them.

Being impeccable means ‘without sin’. Ignoring the religious connotations (remember this is based on concepts from over a thousand years ago) a sin means you are lacking in doing good acts or speaking favourably against yourself or others. Ruiz states ‘being impeccable with your word is the correct use of your energy; it means to use your energy in the direction of truth and love for yourself’. However, often we use our words to spread our untrue opinions, express our malicious feelings and divulge our hatred. Gossiping is one form of these ‘sins’ and it is how we bond with our friends, colleagues and family. We spread lies about people setting a predetermined opinion in the person listening who may then choose to spread more misinformation. However, if we are impeccable with our word we clear our mind of any hostility, negativity and judgement. We better our personal relationships with those around us and ourselves. It also makes us immune to anyone spreading vengeful hearsay because our mind is no longer susceptible to negative thoughts.

Impeccability begins with self-love. ‘How much you love yourself and how you feel about yourself are directly proportionate to the quality and integrity of your word’ Ruiz discloses. As always, it starts with you. Therefore, this week we want you to write down 5 things that you love about yourself.

‘Impeccability of the word can lead you to personal freedom, to huge success and abundance; it can take away all fear and transform it into joy and love’

Don Miguel Ruiz

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