Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 54 – Simple Technique

Affirmation: I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude.

Thought for the week:  Simple Technique

Sit quietly and place all of your limitations and emotions into a backpack. Imagine that you are now carrying this backpack filled with those emotions and the events that created them. Feel their weight on your shoulders.

In your mind, I want you to imagine taking that backpack off and setting it aside. I want you to feel the relief of having that weight removed. Stretch your shoulders and your back and let your tired muscles relax. Now, imagine walking away from the backpack and its weight, giving yourself permission to leave it behind forever.

This incredibly powerful, yet simple technique is a very effective way to quickly develop a sense of safety when you need to shift your perspective.

News: Check out for information about our workshops on Sunday 23rd Feb 2020 and Saturday 21s March 2020 – An Introduction to Bio Energy


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