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Blog Week 53 – Be Yourself

Blog Week 53 – Be Yourself  

Affirmation: I’m The Only One Who Chooses Who I Am

Thought for the week:  Be Yourself

Image result for picture be yourselfIn a very short time, we will not only enter a brand-new year, we will also stand at the threshold of a new decade. This time represents an opportunity for us all to bring real change into our lives.

Let’s break through fear and self-doubt and cultivate self-awareness, acceptance, and compassion. Let’s return to authenticity and release ourselves from the weight of others’ expectations. We will then have the freedom to experience happiness, contentment and a deep sense of self-worth that comes from being who we were always meant to be.

 News: Check out for information about our workshops on Sunday 23rd Feb 2020 and Saturday 21st March 2020 – An Introduction to Bio Energy

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