Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 48 – Power

Affirmation:   I have the power to change myself.

Thought for the week:  Power

man smash the groundSo, what is power? What do you know about power that you’ve not been willing to acknowledge before? What power is available to you that is not available to others until you choose it?

Power is something so often defined and described as “power over others” and something to be feared, fought for and defended against, and rarely something to be embraced.

What if something different is possible with power? Are there areas where you are excluding the true power of YOU from your life that keeps you from really exploding and melting all limitations and creating a different reality?
Now is the time to stop denying your power and the power you are, acknowledging it, embrace it, and turn it up.

News: Check out for our next workshop Sunday 23rd Feb 2020 – An Introduction to Bio Energy

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