Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 38 – Fear and Worry

Affirmation:   At this moment, I choose to feel calm and peaceful.

Thought for the week:  Fear and Worry

Woman, Despair, Loss, Cover, Sadness, Fear, Girl

When you’re in a fear and worry state, it can completely prevents you from taking advantage of the possibilities and potential that surrounds each and every one of us, every single day!

We all have our concerns about the future. But we don’t have to let those concerns take over our lives. Those individuals who are “in the know” have realized that there is a choice to be made: spend your precious energy on worrying about what could happen…or spend that same precious energy on what IS happening right now! I know which I choose!

Having a Bio Energy session helps eliminate fear and worry from your life. That’s right – eliminate! It also quells your monkey mind, and helps you find real peace in the here-and-now.

News: This is an event you won’t want to miss, join us in Sept for our Bio Energy Diploma course. I promise you that the best is still to come!

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