Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 24 – Anxiety  


I am calm and in control

Thought for the week:  Anxiety

86387412-today-i-choose-to-stay-calm-vector-yoga-illustration-with-hand-lettering-isolated-silhouette-of-a-slIn a world full of uncertainty it’s little wonder so many feel anxious. But understanding the triggers can change how you feel about it.

All anxiety contains a kernel of good news: you wouldn’t feel anxious if there weren’t the possibility of things turning out well.

Nine Steps that will help your anxiety:  1. Do some gentle morning exercises. 2. Spend time with a close friend. 3. Start the day with time outside looking at the natural world. 4. Remember to breathe. 5. Take control. 6. Have a cup of tea. 7. Immerse yourself in something else. 8. Go for a walk. 9. Write it down as if you were a third person observing the scene. As you record the event on the page, you rewrite its memory in your head.

News: Having a Bio Energy session helps elevate anxiety.

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