Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 18 – Raise your vibration


“I am beautiful and strong” Kris Carr

Thought for the week:  Raise your vibration

12-ways-to-raise-your-vibrationAt various times in our life or even in our day what we really need is something to lift our mood and make us feel better. Some people refer to it as raising your vibration, but what does that really mean? We could get technical and refer to your molecules vibrating at a higher/faster rate.  Or we can put it really simply


… what makes you feel better.

When we feel fed up, everything takes more effort, you go a little bit more slowly, feel sluggish and feel out of sorts.

When we are feeling good about everything, we have a bit of a spring in our step.  It’s much easier to get things done and you feel positive about everything.

Be Aware Of Who Drains Your Energy

We all know people who just seem to suck the energy out of us and we just feel

completely worn-our after talking to them for a couple of minutes.

The reality is that you can’t shut yourself away from everyone. What you can do is either limit the time you spend with certain people or, see them with other people (it spreads the energy so to speak and isn’t as intense).

What/Where Drains Your Energy

Buildings or places like people can literally drain our energy. Be aware if there are places that really make your heart sink – avoid them if you can or limit your time in them.

News: We all know when it’s time to boost our energy. So make sure that you build in some alone time for yourself.


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