Bio Energy Therapy

Week 45 – Breathe


Each in breath is a new beginning; each out breath is a letting go

Thought for the week: Breathe

38026354_1743474965773718_3248976569959448576_nAs we breathe every cell in our body inhales the oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide – a process called respiration. Breathing is important because our cells constantly need a new supply of oxygen so they can produce energy. Without this vital oxygen, cellular function is impaired, and damage or cell death is possible.

We tend to breathe shallow and fast when we are experiencing constant stress and tension.

As you read this I’d like to invite you to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe in slowly through your nose and even slower on the out breath through your mouth. Any time that you breathe longer out then you breath in it lowers your blood pressure and helps your relax.breathe-6454

If you are feeling overwhelmed, literally taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly can reduce your heart rate, focus your thoughts, and allow you to deal with the stress or more effectively than if you were ignoring your breath altogether.

So the next time you are feeling anxious or worried about a situation, remind yourself to breathe deep and breathe slow.

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