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Blog Week 44 – Be In The Now


I choose to live in the present moment

Thought for the week:  Be In The Now

Living-in-the-NowIf you can only live one moment at a time, you might as well make it the present.

If you ever catch yourself thinking “I’d love to say something intelligent in a certain situation. I’d love to be really good at something.” These may be some thoughts that go through your head.

Remember you are unique, now. By living in the moment, you are at your most powerful. It is powerful to be yourself. Your wonderful, beautiful, intelligent self.Live-in-the-now-1

You can make choices that are good. By being in the now it helps us achieve our goals, dreams, desires, and remarkably improves your life.


Discovering and living in the now causes you to thoroughly engage in life. It also allows inner peace to develop.

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