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Blog Week 42 – Pause and Reflect


I allow myself the time to pause and reflect

Thought for the week: Pause and reflect

GettyImages-175515665The experts have advised us to pause and reflect several times during the day in order to re-frame our thoughts which will truly allow us to live our best life.

There is merit in taking time to pause and reflect especially when we may be in a heated engagement with another person or if we feel emotionally triggered about some issue.

When we pause to reflect there is this space in between that offers us a choice. It affords us the opportunity to respond rather than to react, especially in a negative manner.

If we react negatively to someone or something we are probably operating from a state web_silence_ted_roston_1of unawareness. If we ever find ourselves reacting strongly please consider: has it hit into a negative feeling or belief that you may have about yourself. Do you feel threatened or misunderstood? Are you using a defense mechanism in order to get your own way or to keep people at a distance?

However, if we take the time to pause and reflect it helps us to re frame the issue and empowers us to respond from a place of calm.


Simply Breathe, Pause and Reflect. Reflect on the abundance in your life.

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