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Blog Week 41 – Accountability


I am at all times Personally Accountable for my words and actions

Thought for the week:  Accountability

Hello I Am Accountable Name Tag Responsibility ScapegoatAccountability starts with you. It has to apply at all times and to everyone. Accountability is something that has to be worked at.

Personal accountability is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own actions and consequences. It’s a choice, a mind-set and an expression of integrity.

When you have a well-developed sense of selfaccountability, you are honest with yourself, and are answerable and responsible for what you say and do. You have the ability to look beyond the immediate moment to imagesconsider the consequences and know if you are willing to pay them.

If you will hold yourself accountable for your actions, responsibilities, and goals, you can achieve anything that is important to you.

This is your life!  Take control. Be responsible for it.

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