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Blog Week 26 – Love


I accept that I am infinitely loved

Thought for the week: Love

We all crave love. We want to be loved and be in love. As the Beatles sang “All you need is love, love, love is all you need”.

As children we often read about the prince and how he rescues the princess, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Life isn’t that easy for some. Life hurts can cause people to close down their heart and they may never want to open up to the possibility of loving again for fear of being hurt. Sometimes part of life’s journey can be learning to love you.


Love yourself because there’s no one else like you or who has your laugh. Love yourself because wishing to be someone else is a sentence of misery and exhaustion. Love yourself because it isn’t up to others to love you, however, it’s a blessing when they do love you.


Let’s put you on the agenda this week. Treat yourself to something you might like. Perhaps eat an ice cream, meet a friend for dinner, go for a jog or soak in a hot bath. Love yourself enough to press the off button on your work computer in the evening.


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