Bio Energy Therapy

Blog Week 24 – Lonely


I enjoy being on my own

Thought for the week: Lonely

Everyone feels lonely at some point in life. However, it is also very possible to feel lonely even if you have a great social life and lots of friends. If you feel misunderstood or if you feel you can’t share yourself with others around you, you might feel lonely.

There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. It is perfectly natural to want to be on your own at times. Not only does it develop creative energy, but it also helps us find a way of connecting to who we are through our own eyes, not through society’s perspective.


We can learn to be comfortable when spending time on our own and not feel lonely. It is often when we are by our self that we discover the person we’re happiest being. We are not retreating into ourselves when we do this; rather, we may be discovering the wonder of being human.


Don’t be discouraged by your fear of being alone; simply say the above positive affirmation in order to enjoy your own company.


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