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Blog Week 22 – Fun


Life is fun! 🙂

Thought for the week: Fun

I will put my hands up and admit I love fun. Life without Fun can be unhealthy.

Unfortunately, many of us have become disconnected from the concept of fun. Increasingly, experts are saying that midlife is where fun goes to die. Our lives are so structured and serious that there is often no room for fun.


When was the last time you recall having fun? Not merely feeling somewhat pleased, but fully enjoying yourself? The truth is we often feel guilty even thinking about having fun, let alone actively engaged in something we consider fun. Yet, there’s good evidence to supporting the need to carve out some time to do just that.

You generally want to be around fun people and having fun yourself. Simply put, being fun is a trait people generally appreciate in others.

people, friendship and teenage concept - group of happy friends


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