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Blog Week 6 – Imagination & Creativity


If you dream it you can do it – Walt Disney


Thought for the week – Imagination & Creativity

Imagination and creativity is not the same thing. Imagination refers to the act of imagining things, i.e. the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or your other senses.


Creativity, on the other hand, is the ability to create something. The imagination is something that emerges. While creativity works towards products that exist in the real world.


It is an innate function of the mind, to first visualise what we want and then see it created in our life or not. It is, at its essence, your outward expression of an inward thought or emotion.

Sometimes we may have a block or limit that hinders our expression. For example, demands and pressure in work and at home, our internal list of things we have to do, or if we have personal relationship problems.  Awareness of where the demands are on your busy life is key to living a more harmonious life.

Here are some ways that can enhance your imagination and creativity.

  • meditating just 10 minutes per day
  • getting fresh air and go for a walk in the park or in nature
  • having a journal to write down your daily thoughts and inspirations
  • painting and using colour to express yourself
  • using your hands to express yourself, baking, crochet, pottery or woodwork

Doing something you enjoy for the mere pleasure of it helps maintain your connection with your imagination and creativity.


We end each day of our diploma course with a wonderful meditation. This can help to slow down your internal dialogue and allows you space to just be. At the same time it helps free your imagination which in turn allows your creativity to expand.

Here is a quick guided relaxation meditation for you to try today:

Make yourself as comfortable as you can and when you are ready read the following allowing your imagination to flow.

Imagine you are walking in a beautiful meadow. Smell the sweetness of the meadow, feel the soft green grass under your bare feet. Imagine you are dressed in flowing robes or garments. Walk or even skip merrily through this meadow.  

As you continue walking, imagine you come upon a beautiful, sparkling lake at the base of a mountain.  There is a wonderful waterfall there. Hear the rush of the water splashing into the lake. Go to the edge of the lake and dip your toes in. Feel the warm water on your skin.

If you desire, walk into the clear lake and stand underneath the waterfall, allow the water to cleanse your body and your energy. Clearing and cleansing away any aches, pain or negative energy. 

Imagine there is a white light coming down through the waterfall, filling your body with the energy of the sun, allowing it to restore you to peace and health. Bask in its warmth and healing energy for a moment.

When you are ready imagine you now leave the lake and return back the way you came, back to the beautiful meadow.

When you are ready, come slowly back to your present awareness.  

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