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Blog Week 5 – Our 7 Main Chakras


I approve of myself. I love myself deeply & fully


Thought for the week: Our 7 main Chakras 

Our Bio Energy Therapy diploma course is a step in the right direction for anyone interested in learning a healing therapy, for personal growth or for self-improvement. During the course you will learn all about the energy centers known as the chakra system. On top of that, we also cover theory and issues related to the seven main chakras and how they can affect you in your daily life. 

In a brief intro to your chakra system, we will begin at the root chakra and work up to the Crown Chakra.

  1. Chakra 1 [The Root] – The first of our chakras allows us to connect to the earth energies and is the foundation of all the other chakras and therefore is linked with birth issues, survival patterns, generational patterns, money, food and health issues. It is the chakra we work on to ground clients.
  2. Chakra 2 [The Sacral] – Our sacral charkra receives the life force energy after it is filtered through the root chakra. It deals with our sexuality, the nature of our relationships and freedom from guilt. We associate this chakra with pleasure, sensation and creativity.
  3. Chakra 3 [The Solar Plexus]This chakra is all about who we are. It is our power centre and deal with our relationship with ourselves, our self-esteem and freedom from shame. It aids our self-worth and one’s self-image.
  4. Chakra 4 [The Heart] – An alternative name for this chakra is ‘Ana-hata’ which means ‘unstuck’. It is the chakra that compels us to be compassionate and to love others as well as ourselves. In times of grief we would focus on this chakra with our clients & students. It also encourages self-acceptance and forgiveness.
  5. Chakra 5 [The Throat] – When we speak the truth it is this chakra coming in to action. It is the centre of your willpower. The spot light of this chakra is communication; not only speaking & expressing the truth but also listening and being heard
  6. Chakra 6 [The Brow] – The Brow Chakra can also be described as the ‘third eye’ or ‘mind center’. It is our avenue to wisdom, intuition and people’s psychic talents. The target of this chakra is to help us visualize, self-reflect and trust our own intuition.
  7. Chakra 7  [The Crown] – Our final chakra is associated with charity, spirit and our connection to the infinite intelligence. We are guided by the higher power and we feel divinity from within and from without.  It is the chakra that connects us with our belief systems and revelations



Bio Energy can also be useful as a first aid treatment for cuts, burns, lumps and bumps to help your family and friends in time of need.

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